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Top Skills You Should Learn to Start a Successful Tech Career

Tech careers require various technical and soft skills to ensure success. Not only that, you must be willing to keep learning constantly. Technology evolves rapidly, so you must always be on top of your game to stay ahead of the curve. With that in mind, here are some of the most important skills and education required for a successful tech career. 

Essential Technical Skills

Here are some of the most important technical skills you need to build a successful tech career. Luckily, there are many resources available to help you master these skills, including online courses, tutorials, and bootcamp programs. 


A huge part of the tech industry revolves around coding (also known as programming). For instance, to design or develop software, you need to know how to program. Coding involves the use of specific programming languages such as Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. 

There are many other programming languages out there, but these five are among the most popular currently being used in the tech industry. According to a survey by Stack Overflow in 2020, JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by 69.7 percent of the survey respondents, followed by HTML/CSS, Python, and Java.

Learning these popular technologies is a significant stride in the quest for a successful career in technology. One of the best ways to learn programming languages is through four-year programs at the university. However, that could be a costly option for many, not to mention that it also takes a long time to complete. 

For these reasons, we strongly recommend coding bootcamps, such as App Academy, Coding Dojo, or General Assembly. Coding bootcamps are significantly cheaper than universities as they are shorter and most courses are delivered online. Bootcamps also offer more flexible payment options than most universities. Coding Dojo reviews frequently speak highly of the quality of instructors and teaching methods.  

Systems and Networks

A solid understanding of systems and networks is also crucial to achieving a successful career in tech. It would be in your best interest to gain extensive experience with operating systems. 

Operating systems like Windows and MacOS play a big role in most people’s day-to-day lives. Knowing how they work and how to troubleshoot issues related to them is critical for anyone looking to enter the tech field.

A good understanding of networks is essential for anyone working in technology. You should know how network systems work and various networking concepts. If you want to specialize in network security or system administration, a strong networking foundation is key. 

Cloud Computing

An increasing number of businesses are moving to the cloud. As a result, demand for cloud computing skills is on the rise. To have a successful tech career, you must learn about cloud computing and gain experience working with cloud-based technologies. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that deals with designing and developing algorithms that can learn from data and improve their performance over time. To have a successful tech career, you might want to learn about machine learning and gain experience working with machine learning algorithms. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information research scientist roles, including machine learning engineer, have a very strong job outlook of 22 percent over the next decade. This means you should have plenty of job opportunities if you master the required technical skills. 

Database Management

Many companies and organizations today use databases for storing data; it’s an essential part of many business operations. As such, it’s important for anyone working in tech to have at least a basic understanding of database concepts. 

Essential Soft Skills 

While it is easy to focus on only technical skills, soft skills hold a lot of importance in the tech sector. Here are some of the most important soft skills required for a successful tech career. 


Communication is vital in just about all professions, including those in the tech industry. You will often deal with many people on various teams during the course of your work, and communication will be key to ensuring the success of the project. 

Not only that, but you might need to explain difficult concepts and problems to stakeholders using clear and concise communication. To have a successful career in technology, you must develop strong communication skills. 

Problem-solving Skills

Solving problems is one of the most important skills for anyone working in tech. When working in tech, you will often be confronted with difficult problems that require creative and out-of-the-box thinking to ensure project success. 

Project Management Skills

Project management involves the planning, executing, and monitoring a project to achieve specific objectives. It is a critical skill for any individual who wants to be successful in the technology field. Effective project management ensures that project objectives are met while reducing the risk of failure. 

Project management skills are important for a successful career in technology because they help to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Project management skills also help to reduce the risk of project failure by improving communication and collaboration among team members. Individuals who have strong project management skills are more likely to be successful in the technology field.


Various roles in the technology industry require slightly different hard and soft skills. If you are just starting out in your career and aren’t sure which role is right for you yet, getting started with the skills on our list are a great first step. 

Special thanks to the author of this article Daisy Wambua 

Daisy Wambua is a certified Career Coach by the International Association of Professions Career College, is a seasoned writer with a decade of experience in writing, proofreading, and editing. She has spoken at Maseno University to help young women explore new careers and learn more about technology. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Public Relations, a Certificate in Web Development, and a Master’s Degree in International Studies.

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