Sales engineers can have many titles, including but not limited to:

technical sales representative, territory representative, manufacturer’s representative, specification sales rep, pre-sales rep.

We work in different fields and industries, but generally we all engage with our clients or prospective clients in an extended sales cycle. Part of the reason for the length of time needed is that the service or product that we are selling/providing is rather complicated (and likely not inexpensive).

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Practical Advice and Optimism Amidst the Changing COVID19 Technical Sales Cycle

Today NAASE conducted our first industry conference call, for Association members and for other invited guests. We discussed several topics, including the best tips on being successful as a SE, as well as how work has changed due to COVID19 and what that might mean 6-8 months from now.
Professionals from a variety of industries, including software/IT, building materials, automation, and industrial, came together for an open exchange. Some tidbits that came up include:

Why does my partner Account Executive make twice what I earn?

Is the SE “road warrior” mentality of 2019 and prior really gone for good?

How being stagnant/complacent in your position can be the true career wrecker.

The North American Association of Sales Engineers wants to thanks those the registered and those that attended our first event. We aim to provide similar engaging conversation in the months to come. Please check out our website and our Blog Page for regular timely industry articles from a variety of sources, and consider joining us a member.
Thank you-
Ken Lambert, President

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