Sales Engineer of the Year Award

About the Award

At NAASE, we are committed to our members and all those in the sales engineering field across industries. We know that each of you have different titles, sell products, software and services, but ultimately the role you play is helping move the deal forward.

We want to celebrate YOU, the Sales Engineer that strives for greatness!

Our second annual “Sales Engineer of the Year” award is not going to make you famous, or make you rich, but it will make you proud to know that your peers and mentors, your reputation and final execution earned you this award.

NAASE is be proud and excited to announce the winner of the second Sales Engineer of the Year Award!

Congratulations, Paul Michael for a job well done!



  1. Submit nomination/application
  2. Letters of recommendation (include organization and current title of the person writing the recommendation)
  3. If selected as a finalist, a 3-5 minute video providing a demonstration of your choice (see topics list in the Finalist Guidance document)
  4. **Complete details are shown on our Page following “Register Now”, below.


Application Deadline: TBD, 2023

Finalists Announced: TBD, 2023

Winner Announced: TBD, 2023

Award Winner

Winner of the Sales Engineer of the Year is announced based on the start date. NAASE will judge and declare a winner based on several factors and criteria, including but not limited to:

Years of professional experience

Education level + Major of Study

Recommendations/ Endorsements

Evidence of promoting the SE profession in some fashion

Awards/ Recognition/ Professional Designations/ Certifications