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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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Become a member of the first official trade association for Sales Engineers/Technical Sales Consultants to connect with industry like-minded SEs across North America and Europe.

We welcome you to join the Association

and enjoy member benefits like:

Sales and Negotiation Strategies

Our members can sign up for either a Sales Strategy or Negotiation Strategy tool to win and grow client accounts and customer segments.

Member rate is 33% OFF the current typical rate, plus members receive 12 months for the price of 10.

Coaching Strategy Sessions

NAASE members have the opportunity to work with Aileen McNabb, a coach and mentor focusing on making leaders successful in the presales profession.

An initial coaching package has a regular price of $360.00. For NAASE members, that initial cost is reduced to $310.00.


NAASE Members can get free whitepapers and other documents/insight on a wide variety of sales, marketing, and general business topics from acclaimed worldwide business consultant Above The Standard (ATS). If you have a specific question or need, please inquire to NAASE and we will forward to you ATS-produced written insight and studies- and also a contact person within ATS that would be happy to have a no-cost initial phone consultation with you further. There is no obligation at all. NAASE is an affiliate partner of Above The Standard.

Digital business/visiting cards are a faster and more efficient way of getting to know other professionals and expanding your network. They can be easily edited, they are attractive with multiple themes and options, and they include live links as well as other information that you want others to know and read. It is also less expensive than continuing to purchase paper/standard business cards. It is a trend in B2B that will only be getting more popular and accepted. offers a great service at a good price without ongoing monthly fees. PLUS, all NAASE members receive 25% OFF the total cost for the service and App.

NAASE is pleased to offer its Members 25% OFF the standard package rates for LinkedIn Profile Optimization services provided by Opti/Write. Their LI Package includes:
Search-Optimized LinkedIn Headline: to stand out among users in the same industry/market
Client-facing About Section: to articulate your brand story and value proposition.
Tailored Career Section: to align with new role & establish credibility
LinkedIn Banner Image: to maximize call-to-action and consistent branding
Featured Pages: to showcase your content assets/websites/portfolio
Personalized URL: to improve searchability
Hashtags & LinkedIn Groups: to find qualified new connections
+ Maximize LinkedIn settings for lead generation

Special 20% member discount on a FULL YEAR GraphCall LivePDF license ($29 USD/month):

You don’t need to wait for web conferences to clarify your Brochures, Quotes or Manuals. Simply switch to TWO-WAY visual augmented media messaging INSIDE documents with GraphCall LivePDF. 5 Clicks to send, 4 to reply, no typing and less web conferences and scheduling issues. Accelerate the pace of your sales cycle and training!


AccuChain, Inc. was founded on the premise of challenging the way job seekers and companies connect. Using Blockchain and AI technologies embedded in the platform, the resume Validator helps applicants get jobs and prioritizes them in the hiring process, and businesses minimize bad hires with third-party vendors. NAASE members receive over 30% OFF, and their monthly fee for the SaaS is just $4.79/month (discounted).

Not another Job Portal or a Recruitment Agency. Veedohire is a Hiring Solution built on Artificial Intelligence and Video Introductions. VH is built upon data matching, candidate video clips, accurate candidate profiles and attribute lists. For candidates, Veedohire is always FREE. Recruiters/employers/hiring manager pay a nominal annual fee to set up their own account, search criteria, and dashboard. Be a part of the recruitment revolution, with Veedohire! NAASE Corporate Members will receive $150 OFF their annual service agreement with VH. For more information, visit:

Technology Sales Help is a great service and training provider in the Sales Engineering space. A few of their key e-learning courses include: “B2B Demo Skills Training”, “B2B Sales Training”, and “B2B Sales Presentation Training”. Former clients include firms like: paylocity, Oracle, panda, Hewlett Packard, and McGraw Hill. NAASE Members receive 20% OFF select e-courses. For more information and details, contact us or go to TSH directly at .

International Growth Solutions provides global professional consulting solutions and services to companies of different sizes around the world and from a wide variety of industries. NAASE Members receive 15% OFF selected services For more information and details, contact us or go to IGS directly to .

One of your most important items and tools is your resume/CV. NAASE members will receive 20% OFF all resume/service packages at ProResume, out of Memphis. ProResume is one of the best and most successful resume writers in the country, having received numerous awards over the past 30 years. Including receiving the “Top Resume Writers Award” for the past 20 years. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top Resume Writing Services in the U.S. This is a great resource and benefit for our members!

PRIZ Guru is the only SaaS platform for technology companies to accelerate ideation & innovation processes through systematic problem-solving while protecting the ownership of inventors’ solutions and ideas.
PRIZ Innovation platform is built for engineers to continuously improve engineering thinking, make better decisions, solve problems and innovate faster. The platform is a growing collection of creative thinking tools wrapped with automatic documentation and reporting of the entire thought process. The increased security, privacy, and detailed audit are there to protect the ownership of any innovation. See for more specifics.
PRIZ Guru offers a great service including ongoing support, personalized onboarding, training, and facilitation. PLUS, all NAASE members receive 20% OFF the monthly subscription costs.

NAASE is proud to partner with the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University to offer members a 25% discount on all Kelley School of Business Executive Education virtual and in-person courses, digital badges, and certificates such as Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Frontline Leadership, Developing the Technical Leader and more. Click HERE to explore and use code NAASE25 to receive the discount at registration.


As a NAASE member, you can qualify to become a NAASE “Certified Sales Engineer” (CSE) and showcase your experience to your clients and potential employers.


Network with like-minded technical sales professionals at our signature monthly NAASE Forums, learn from industry experts, and connect with fellow members.


Share your knowledge and experience with the broader SE community by publishing on the NAASE blog page.



We are excited to offer two additional membership tiers that will provide all the benefits that NAASE/EASE has to offer to fit your needs and place in your Sales Engineering journey. To apply for membership, complete the web form here and submit the membership fee using the PayPal buttons below. (Please note that you do NOT need to reside in or work within North America to become a Classic or Student Member of NAASE.) Our leadership will carefully review your web form and will reach out via email welcoming you to NAASE/ EASE and additional membership details. (Please note- upon request, NAASE can arrange 50% upfront payment, + 50% balance in 60 days for any dues/fees.)


The yearly membership is our most popular option for Sales Engineers looking to expand their network, learn from experts, and are considering certifying their skills and experience with the Certified Sales Engineer (CSE) designation our organization offers. (NOTE: Basic Membership is open to anyone, within or outside of North America.)

Yearly Individual Membership: $119.00


The Yearly Student Membership is one of our two newest additions that aims to support students currently in a Bachelor or Masters university program considering a career in Sales Engineering. Student members will have many opportunities throughout the year to attend virtual events hosting a number of expert and practitioner guests, begin to build a network of other SEs to help guide their path to becoming SEs.

Yearly Student Membership: $39.00


The Yearly Corporate Membership is the only multi-seat membership that allows for an organization to support any four individuals at the organization be part of everything NAASE has to offer. With the Corporate Membership, any four guests in the organization share four seats for any and all events, access to our network of professionals in a variety of SE roles across industries, opportunities to network with future SEs currently at university and soon entering the workforce, and first-hand access to distinguished guest speakers NAASE invites to share their knowledge and expertise.

Yearly Corporate Membership: $249

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