About Us

The North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE), is the brainchild of a long-time sales engineer and industry consultant/writer, Ken Lambert.

Currently, there is no professional trade association that both connects and certifies Sales Engineers in this field. With roughly 67,000 sales engineers throughout the United States, and many more in Canada and Mexico, NAASE was formed to fill that gap for those already in as well as those just entering the filed. The organization provides industry-specific member networking through forums, webinars, and blogs. Additionally, through membership, a certification designating a Sales Engineer (SE) as an experienced professional, life-long learner with a passion for client success .

We look forward to getting to know you!

Ken Lambert, President
Matthew Mahoney, Vice President


We aim to foster a base of Certified Sales Engineers across North America, enable them to connect with one another, and actively promote the profession while serving organizations through reducing the uncertainty of new hires.


To keep up with industry trends and ensure we are on the right track, we have created the NAASE Advisory Board comprised of various experts across the different industries we represent in North America.

Ken Lambert, President
Ken Lambert, President

Ken has been a building materials sales engineer for many years, having worked in many parts of the country. He has been an expert consultant at times for “Maven”, and for the “Gerson Lehrman Group”, and has been a regular contributing writer for several publications/sites- including SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services).

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