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NAASE’s Blog page will periodically feature different, related, and relevant articles – some from NAASE members directly, and others from other sources. We invite you, regardless of your membership status, to submit an article for consideration. This page is also where you will find relevant Job Postings from NAASE member companies.

Sales engineers can have many titles, including but not limited to: technical sales representative, territory representative, manufacturer’s representative, specification sales rep, pre-sales rep. We work in different fields and industries, but generally we all engage with our clients or prospective clients in an extended sales cycle. Part of the reason for the length of time needed is that the service or product that we are selling/providing is rather complicated (and likely not inexpensive).

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Top 5 Advantages of Outsourcing B2B Sales Teams

Whether they’re small or big companies, businesses of all sizes experience a common issue when expanding and covering different territories: having enough salespeople. This issue may curb your business’ potential and affect your growth. A precipitated expansion can be a threat to your business. Putting aside your sales team’s essential role just to focus on… Read More

Industrial Distribution: Who’s doing the selling?

(by Frank Hurtte) Let’s talk about selling.  More specifically, let’s discuss selling technical products – products that possess unique features differentiating them from the competition. Further, let us define precisely what we mean by selling.  There are several definitions of types of selling.  This example illustrates the two most radically different types of selling: Further… Read More

Inductive Automation Seeking 3 Great Positions-

Inductive Automation, the leader in cutting-edge software for the industrial sector and beyond, is looking to add talented people to our continuously growing team! Our signature product, Ignition, is a powerful integrated development environment with everything you need to create virtually any kind of industrial application – SCADA, IIoT, MES and beyond – all on… Read More

Featured “Salesfolks” Opportunity: Inside Sales – software developer for staffing services

NAASE will be featuring a job/1099 opportunity on a regular basis that is brought to us by Salesfolks. Have you heard about Salesfolks? Whether you are an independent sales contractor or just looking to moonlight as a salesperson for a side-hustle, you can find incredible on-demand, remote sales opportunities and make money by generating leads,… Read More

Ode to Inside Sales

The inside sales representative is often an unsung hero in many companies, and that is a shame. In many ways they are one of the absolute keys to revenue and the whole sales operation. Sometimes referred to as a different title (sales support, etc), here we will look at the value of ISR’s and also… Read More

HORIBA is seeking (2) Elite Sales Performers

(The following job postings are brought to NAASE by Corporate Member HORIBA and their National Sales Manager, Michael Oweimrin. He can be reached directly at: HORIBA is seeking an Elite Sales Performer for the North East Region of the United States specifically residing within Boston, MA or thereabouts. Desired Qualifications and Responsibilities: Currently selling… Read More

Give Your Sales Presentation a Narrative Arc to Excite and Engage Prospects

(written by the Nuvue team, via ) Too often, sales presentations underwhelm prospects because they fail to provide a compelling narrative arc. As a marketer, you’ve done your research and conducted your focus groups. You know your audience, and you understand exactly how your product meets their needs. But are you treating those details… Read More

Value of a 3rd Party General Competitor Analysis

Businesses, and all kinds of organizations including associations, can often get stuck by looking at their business and the overall market through their own lens and opinion. This can prove to be a substantial mistake. It is for this reason that NAASE entered into an engagement with International Growth Solutions ( ), for IGS… Read More


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