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NAASE’s Blog page will periodically feature different, related, and relevant articles – some from NAASE members directly, and others from other sources. We invite you, regardless of your membership status, to submit an article for consideration. This page is also where you will find relevant Job Postings from NAASE member companies.

Sales engineers can have many titles, including but not limited to: technical sales representative, territory representative, manufacturer’s representative, specification sales rep, pre-sales rep. We work in different fields and industries, but generally we all engage with our clients or prospective clients in an extended sales cycle. Part of the reason for the length of time needed is that the service or product that we are selling/providing is rather complicated (and likely not inexpensive).

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HIRING: Technical Sales Engineer (Northeast USA)

New NAASE Corporate Member, IBM, is actively seeking to fill a SE role. The following information and link is a courtesy to IBM. Any questions or applications for this role must be addressed to IBM and not to NAASE. Thank you- Client Technical Specialists (CTP) are the technical experts and advisors to clients, IBM sales… Read More

Focusing on Outcomes over Effort in Presales

An article from our sponsors Vivun On Wednesday, Vivun VP of PreSales Brett Crane sat down with Oliver Oursin, Elastic’s EMEA Head of Solutions Architecture, for a conversation on delivering powerful outcomes as a data-driven PreSales leader. This blog post sums up some of Brett and Oliver’s thoughts on why an outcomes-based approach to PreSales… Read More

Eliminating SE Leadership?

“Never Again” This summary article written with permission of an MTS client. We altered a few peripheral facts to preserve anonymity, butotherwise “it is what it is”. This is also likely to be somewhat controversial, and MTS was certainly involved in the postmortem fact gathering. Those facts are why my client decided it was worth… Read More

The Rise of the Sales-Proof Buyer

Published by the team at Vivun, a sponsor of NAASE We’ve talked a lot about the rapid growth in PreSales, and even recently released a Benchmark report discussing that growth. We see 6% in growth across the entire profession, with over 120,000 job openings currently posted. But the question remains – why? Is it because… Read More

Does Spelling Still Matter in 2022?

(by Ken Lambert) – A few days ago I noticed a post on LinkedIn by a professional there, insinuating that spelling is not a big deal, and that proper spelling shouldn’t really matter any more in the business setting. The point of the post was that correct spelling was a bit archaic, so 1950’s prep… Read More

6 Steps to Hiring Your First Sales Team

(By Guest Blogger Dean Burgess) – You’ve built your company from the ground up, and now, you’re ready to grow by hiring your first sales team members. You can find the guidance you need to establish your team from the North American Association of Sales Engineers! Bringing on new team members and training them takes… Read More

Why Do Ideas Die or Not Get Realized?

On January 19, 2022, Alex and Anatoly Agulyansky introduced their product Priz Guru ( in a webinar to a group of engineer experts and the NAASE. The co-founders of the innovation and design platform, who happen to be father and son, created a tool which helps organize design and creative thinking and problem-solving processes. Each… Read More

Social Confidence in the World of Technology

I used to cry because I’m not a sales engineer. I considered going back to school, pretty much every week. Every time, my partner told me,”You are the best sales person out there. You have three sales engineers to support you!”  Of course he was right, my sales work was fully supported, but I just… Read More


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