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NAASE’s Blog page will periodically feature different, related, and relevant articles – some from NAASE members directly, and others from other sources. We invite you, regardless of your membership status, to submit an article for consideration. This page is also where you will find relevant Job Postings from NAASE member companies.

Sales engineers can have many titles, including but not limited to: technical sales representative, territory representative, manufacturer’s representative, specification sales rep, pre-sales rep. We work in different fields and industries, but generally we all engage with our clients or prospective clients in an extended sales cycle. Part of the reason for the length of time needed is that the service or product that we are selling/providing is rather complicated (and likely not inexpensive).

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How to Manage Tasks Priority with Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM)

(This article submitted by PRIZ GURU)– We are excited to announce a recent release of an additional Creative Thinking Tool in PRIZ online innovation platform, Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM). This tool is built to help you to avoid mistakes, save time in managing tasks priority and make decisions. The new tool is a practical instrument… Read More

What is psychological inertia? or… What is wrong with us?

Have you ever been in a situation where while discussing different solutions for a problem, you and your group is trying to solve, people finding all kind of reasons why something is impossible or extremely difficult? The arguments might sound like “It’s very difficult”, “This solution is very expensive”, “It’s not going to work!”, or… Read More

Water the Crops

The Training meeting had ended. Like so many sessions before, it was billed as sales training when in fact it had been product training. Lots of materials had been shared to show the enhancements to the product. There were several shiny new bells and whistles, none of which me or my colleagues had ever been… Read More

Meet The Members: Featuring Femi Coker

Now and then NAASE will be featuring one of our Association Members. This week, we did a Q&A with Mr. Femi Coker, a recent Member. Femi Coker, Regional Technical Sales Engineer Dangote Cement Plc 1.  How did you go from a Chemical Engineering major and graduate into a technical sales engineer at a manufacturer? Frankly,… Read More

Sales Engineer Wanted: North Carolina position, with CBC

(The following is a current position available at NAASE Member, Capitol Broadcasting Company / Microspace.) RALEIGH, NC Description We are looking for a highly tech-savvy sales engineer to assist in the selling of complex satellite communication and telecom products and services. The Sales Engineer’s responsibilities include maintaining extensive technical knowledge of Microspace products’ parts, functions,… Read More

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Sales Transformation Strategies To Achieve Business Objectives

Sales Transformation, in its most basic form, is ensuring that your salespeople have the greatest skills, tools, and sales infrastructure to support successful and profitable sales results in line to strategic objectives of the organization. Sales transformation is a type of change management that involves reorganizing a sales organization by realigning how assets and people… Read More


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