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NAASE’s Blog page will periodically feature different, related, and relevant articles – some from NAASE members directly, and others from other sources. We invite you, regardless of your membership status, to submit an article for consideration. This page is also where you will find relevant Job Postings from NAASE member companies.

Sales engineers can have many titles, including but not limited to: technical sales representative, territory representative, manufacturer’s representative, specification sales rep, pre-sales rep. We work in different fields and industries, but generally we all engage with our clients or prospective clients in an extended sales cycle. Part of the reason for the length of time needed is that the service or product that we are selling/providing is rather complicated (and likely not inexpensive).

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Seeking Sales Engineer: Midwest Territory

SALES ENGINEER (COMMERCIAL) HVAC/HYDRONIC CHICAGO BASE. For further expansion in the USA, we are looking for a sales engineer with a mechanical background. Our ideal candidate shares our passion for technology, innovation, creativity and climate and can build bridges between , distributors, engineers, contractors and developers. Responsibilities 1. Develop, maintain and strengthen customer relations 2…. Read More

B2B Sales Strategies Best Practices

B2B sales, or business-to-business sales, refers to the process of selling products or services to other businesses rather than directly to consumers. This type of sales can be more complex than B2C (business-to-consumer) sales because the decision-making process is often longer and involves multiple stakeholders. B2B sales also typically involve larger financial transactions and longer-term… Read More

President’s Message- December

(by Damian Hanna) Time is flying by and with 2022 ending, NAASE would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! People have lost jobs, found jobs, are looking for jobs, and dealing with everything else this world can throw their way. It is challenging for sure, but NAASE is here to help for any… Read More

Advice for a Successful Sales Engineering Career

Since the launch of NAASE about 2 ½ years ago, we have published several articles and interviews about what is important for a Sales Engineer.  These were all guest writers and speakers, many being experts and authors in the industry. Today I wanted to offer a similar but more personal take on this subject.  I… Read More

(4) New Jobs from HORIBA Scientific:

Alert to SE’s who might be looking… see below for (4) new positions, from one of our NAASE Members. HORIBA certainly does some innovative work in their space. If you are interested, reach out to them via their link. (Please do not send resumes etc to NAASE.) Southeast Sales: Inside Sales Engineer: Mid-Atlantic… Read More

A Peek into B2B Sales in 2023

(by Adam Joyce) – With increasing economic uncertainty and the seemingly permanent changes to professional interactions driven by the pandemic, B2B sales will continue to evolve in 2023. The new B2B sales landscape will be characterized by 3 key objectives: A Focus on Improving the Buyer Experience An Increase in Digital Touchpoints A Concentration on… Read More

Getting to Know NAASE Mexican Market Ambassador Luis Armando Vasquez

(English version follows the Spanish section.) 1. Luis, eres Copywriter y estratega de ventas técnicas industriales como freelance, y también un Ingeniero de ventas a tiempo completo para la empresa Logistic Trade donde también coordinas el CRM. ¡Parece que eres un tipo ocupado! ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ambos roles? Definitivamente es… Read More


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