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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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Become a recognized leader in technical sales, via NAASE’s CSE designation

Certified Sales Engineer (CSE)
Certified Solutions Consultant (CSC)
Certified Presales Consultant (CPC)



Unlike many other professions, sales engineers do not have a specific professional designation (like PE, CSI, CCE, PMP etc) to include after their name to display their knowledge/qualifications. NAASE is changing that with the “CSE” [Certified Sales Engineer©] offering. In addition, NAASE just announced the CPC (Certified Presales Consultant) and CSC (Certified Solutions Consultant) certificates/badges as well.

CSE’s are also eligible for a personalized email address, from NAASE.

Open to All Industries

Sales engineering certification is open to all qualified and good standing NAASE members. NAASE is open to all industries where a technical resource is partnered with a sales executive to further a deal to successful close.

IT & Computer Hardware and Software
Building Materials / Construction
Manufacturing / Equipment
Hi-Tech / Microchip
Biopharma / Medical
Other Technical Services


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Business-related Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.S./B.A. requirement waived with 4+ years of relevant experience).

Minimum 3 years of professional sales engineering experience.

LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations that demonstrate experience and success working in the SE field.

No exam required.

Next Steps

If interested in applying to be a CSE, please follow the steps below:
DO NOT click the Pay Now button below until after you apply and are notified by NAASE staff of approval. (The 1-time cost for the certificate is $119)

Email NAASE requesting the CSE application
Complete the form and provide a resume and profile page
A welcome email will arrive within 1-3 business days with payment instructions

Why certify?

Why Become a Certified Professional?

The NAASE CSE/ CPC/ CSC certification identifies you as a dedicated professional and acknowledges your personal achievements, improves your level of practice and highlights you as an industry leader.

It is also a powerful marketing tool, providing prospects and clients with assurance that they’re interacting with expert professionals with not only years of experience and a commitment to ethical conduct, but also a dedication to ongoing training.

Certified individuals are viewed as:

Better trained
More highly skilled
More professional
More reliable
More ethical
More knowledgeable, with up-to-date information on the latest trends
Quality-oriented with a sense of pride in his/her work

Benefits of the CSE to Hiring Orgs

If you had the option between two hires, one with and one without the certification, which one would you choose? Be honest, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable leading with the certified candidate if you knew that they have been reviewed and vetted by an organization that is dedicated to the continued improvement and success of Sales Engineers/Technical Sales Consultants?

At NAASE, we look at every applicant holistically, as a professional and a human being. We make sure our members are demonstrated and committed professionals, with at least three years of full time experience working as SEs and are dedicated to the craft of pre-sales by demonstrating their involvement with the local, regional and national SE communities. They are life-long learners with a passion for client success and a no-one-goes-home-until-client-is-happy mentality.

We are an organization with a vision for the profession that will change the way organizations hire, young graduates enter the field regardless of industry, and job-seekers looking to be the next generation of SEs.

Become a CSE with NAASE and let’s build an industry-inclusive association together.

On the Application form, you will choose which Title and badge you would prefer.

Great Job-Landing Tool For All SE’s And Tech Sales Reps!

NAASE Corporate Member is helping job candidates get pre-qualified, by using their Rep Sheets, SE Sheets, and their new W2 Sheets. All 3 are concise sheets which help HR, with the option of being 3rd party validated. Join the many satisfied users.