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Many SE/ TSR/ Presales professionals want coaching, be it 1-on-1 or in a group setting. Right now on LinkedIn, there are over 200,000 “sales coaches” shown. But who has specific experience in technical sales? Who has several years of management and/or coaching experience? And who supports the professional association for technical sales (NAASE)?

To answer these and other questions, NAASE has created our webpage for “Registered S.E. Coaches”. Members and other website viewers are able to simply review the various bios for these coaches that have sought registration. If you are interested in speaking to them, please contact said person directly. We have included links to communicate with them. If you have any questions on the process or criteria, please reach out to NAASE at
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**Please check back often to see more SE Coaches, as we add them!**

Michele Collins

Michele Collins is a former Award-Winning B2B Sales Leader who sold in Fortune 500 companies for 25 years. Michele Collins’ record-breaking sales achievements have notably been acknowledged by company C-Level executives and highly respected among her sales colleagues intrigued to learn Michele’s sales secrets. So, in 2017 Michele started a company called the Michele Tune L.L.C. where she created Award Winning Mindset:tm: a sales program designed for anyone who has a desire to achieve award-winning sales results and includes lifestyle habits of top performers. Michele loves teaching business professional’s sales skills, consulting business owners on sales best practices, and entertaining audiences with standup comedy. Contact Michele to learn award-winning sales skills, video selling, presentation skills, or if you’re looking for a keynote speaker at your next business conference.

For more information:

Michele Collins Direct:


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John Care

John Care is the author and managing director of Mastering Technical Sales. His company is dedicated to serving the professional skills needs of Sales Engineers around the globe. Known as the “Godfather of Sales Engineering,” John has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and his books are an integral part of new hire development at many technology companies. He recruited and developed world-class SE team at companies such as Oracle, Sybase, CA, Nortel, Business Objects, and HP throughout the course of his career. He’s also spent time as a quote-carrying salesperson and as a senior IT executive, listening to vendors trying to sell him their “solutions”.

John specializes in mentoring and approaching current and potential future SE leaders interested in switching on their RADAR – to Recruit, Attract, Develop, Advance, and Retain the best teams of SEs in the world.

To contact John and his team:

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Sachin Wadhawan

Sachin Wadhawan fell into Sales Engineering over 20 yrs ago and has since committed to raising awareness for the SE profession. He has built SE functions from the ground up, at 6 different SaaS-based tech companies, leading and empowering over 100 SEs along the way. His active participation in the community includes running regional SE meet-ups, speaking at Sales Engineering events, and running the only dedicated SE Swag Store ( in our industry. Given his experience, commitment, and passion, he has developed an executive coaching program that has driven significant results for SE leaders and SE teams across the US. The program covers topics including SE Career Growth coaching, Landing Your First SE Job, SE Best Practices Training (in-person & remote), and a 10-week SE Transformation Curriculum. Sachin is an avid LinkedIn publisher and often shares his wisdom through posts, blogs, and short-form videos.

Sachin can be easily reached at:

(512) 293 2036 (please text first)



Aileen McNabb

Aileen McNabb believes sales engineering is a truly rewarding career with some unique challenges. Through 1:1 coaching she has helped SEs and others in sales engineering meet those challenges and fully enjoy, be fulfilled by and add value to the sales engineering career.
Aileen is a career presales professional with over 20 years of success in sales engineering roles from SE through Leadership.

When she decided to help others in sales engineering, she did not make the assumption that ‘anyone can coach’. Coaching is a skill. Aileen built that skill through coaching certification programs gaining several coaching designations:
– Registered Corporate Coach(RCC) designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches®.
– Certified Positive Psychology Coach designation from The Wholebeing Institute.
– Certified coach through BCA Certification Program

To contact Aileen, email her via

H. Michael Miley

H. Michael Miley is a former SE who knows firsthand how exciting, demanding, and rewarding the technical pre-sales life can be while learning and growing every day. Today, he coaches SEs and their leaders to help them learn to drive results, overcome obstacles, enjoy personal satisfaction, and live within their values.

Mike brings almost 30 years of technical sales and SE leadership experience to assist his coaching and consulting clients. Besides his direct experience, he earned a Certified Profesional Coach certificate from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC CPC) and an Associate Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF ACC).
To contact Mike, please email him at and be sure to ask about NAASE member discounts.

For much more information or to sign up for sessions, please visit his website

Roger McNamara

Roger McNamara is the founder and CEO of Guide2Interchange and a 25 year veteran of the payments industry. His proven sales training methodology has helped both individual salespeople and organizational sales teams hone in better practices and taught them how to improve their selling techniques.
After years in payments, Roger turned his attention to enabling others to succeed. He has written many articles for the industry and has a website with his latest content.

To contact Roger, email him via

Peter Cohan

Peter Cohan is the founder and principal of The Second Derivative and the author of the Great Demo! and Doing Discovery methodologies, focused on helping presales, sales and marketing folks improve their discovery and demonstration skills.

The bulk of his experience is with complex, enterprise software and strategic systems sold to varied audiences in a range of vertical markets. He has enjoyed roles in technical and product marketing, marketing management, presales and presales management, sales and sales management, senior management and the C-Suite – as well as serving on Boards of Directors.

In August 2022, he published Doing Discovery, a methodology providing a structured approach to discovery for B-to-B software vendors.

Before The Second Derivative, Peter founded the Discovery Tools® business unit at Symyx Technologies, Inc., where he grew the business from an empty spreadsheet into a $30 million per year operation. Prior to Symyx, Peter served in marketing, sales, and management positions at MDL Information Systems, a leading provider of scientific information management software. Peter currently serves on the Board of Directors for Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., is an advisor to IN2SV, Inc. and a mentor to StartX, the Stanford University start-up accelerator. He holds a degree in chemistry.

Contact Peter and his partners: