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Quiet Influence: How Introverts Can Excel as Leaders in a Loud World

In a world that often celebrates extroverted traits, the notion of an introverted leader may seem unconventional. Yet, many of the most impactful leaders throughout history have been introverts, harnessing their innate abilities for deep thought, careful planning,… Read More

Bridging the Gap: How Sales Engineers Can Enhance Brand Perception

Strong brand perception is crucial for business success. A positive brand image attracts top talent, fosters trust with customers, and opens doors to new opportunities. Sales engineers are pivotal in enhancing this perception through their in-depth understanding of… Read More

Unlocking the potential of sales engineers through strategic training programs

In the post-pandemic era, industrial companies face a constantly evolving business landscape, where adaptability and efficiency have become prerequisites for survival and success. This challenging environment demands more than ever a strategic approach to sales force management and… Read More

Letters to a Sales Engineer

SE Michael Edwin has recently created and published several letters directed to sales engineers.  NAASE is glad to repost selected letters- which are some words of advice to new and seasoned technical salespeople.  Which one do you most… Read More

Strategic Allies: How Sales Engineers Elevate Real Estate Businesses

Welcome to the fast-paced world of real estate, where every deal is a delicate dance of negotiations, market trends, and meeting client expectations. Now, let’s talk about a crucial but often overlooked partnership that’s like the secret sauce… Read More

The True Worth of a Sales Engineer- as a Business Consultant

Sales engineers (and similar titles like “Solutions Consultants”) are often viewed as a trusted advisor, and in many ways work much like a consultant for their client and/or prospect. That is the way that we (SE’s) should view… Read More

Boosting Sales in Industrial SMEs: A Strategic Approach with Porter’s Five Forces

Last June, I had the privilege of participating in a fascinating conference held in the vibrant city of Manchester, UK. As a sales engineer two years into my PhD in Business Administration, I have managed to combine my… Read More

Expert Job-Related Advice for Certified Sales Engineers

As you may already be aware, certified sales engineers occupy a vital and influential position within the sales landscape. They serve as the crucial link between intricate technical knowledge and the art of implementing effective sales strategies. If… Read More

Sales Engineer Job Interview Questions:  Cheat Sheet, and Comments

Whether you are soon going on your very first job interview for a SE role, or you have been through a couple over the years, it is wise to understand what types of questions you will be asked… Read More

Is ChatGPT the Death Knell of Professional Writing?

Suddenly, ChatGPT (and other brands of generative Artificial Intelligence) are everywhere.  It’s all the rage.  Seems like everyday there is something in the news feed about it.  Apparently “everyone” is using it, and some people are saying that… Read More

Incorporating AI Into Your Business Operations: Best Practices for Sales Engineers

As a sales engineer, you know how vital it is to stay on top of the latest technological advancements. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising developments in decades. Incorporating it into your business operations can… Read More

Key insights on Presales Hiring Criteria

Drum roll…. and the results are in… At Bright Dynamics we surveyed 103 PreSales leaders from around the world, asking 54 questions around hiring and candidate assessment. Some of the results may surprise you. Let’s start with how… Read More