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Why did I choose PreSales engineering as a profession?

Upon graduating from college, I networked and got my first job as a Technical Application Consultant at Kronos, now UKG. I found myself, in terms of what motivates me and brings me joy. I had several amazing experiences that allowed me to sum up my “why” in a clear cohesive way. I called it my three T’s which stands for Technical, Train, and Travel. It’s ironic because as I write this post, I’m mid-flight to Melbourne Australia, reviewing APIs docs, in preparation to deliver a 4-day workshop and training session to a prospect. Let me dive into what I mean by these three T’s a little further.

Technical – I love learning about new technology and how the tech can be used to efficiently solve problems. The outcome I’m searching for is how to streamline workflows to give people their time back to reinvest in solving higher caliber business concerns. Whether I’m advising on the right API for the job, recommending the best partnership integration to manage a business, or submitting a bug fix to patch the code, this is what brings me happiness.

Train – I believe in never keeping a good thing quiet. I love sharing knowledge, my learnings, and helping others acquire necessary skill sets to do their jobs. I initially found this passion on my first day teaching as an undergraduate teaching assistant at Indiana University under the guidance of professor Charles Pope. We were learning how to build websites and I witnessed students use their creativity to build something that reflected what they were passionate about. My love for teaching has evolved into the workforce and encapsulates both enterprise and small to medium sized businesses.

Travel – Who doesn’t love to see the world? Traveling to new places, immersing myself into various cultures, and living like the locals are parts of life that I discovered were most important to me. By incorporating travel into my career I found I was getting the best of both worlds. I use my experience in various locations and share it with my clients. I share stories on how other businesses are solving their problems in their own unique way and find relatable ways to solve problems in a global fashion.

This article was written by NAASE Advisory Board Member Mary Carter.  To learn more about Mary, visit

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