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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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Message from the President – 6/1/22

We are almost halfway through 2022!  With so many challenges for people as well as businesses, it’s fair to say that humanity keeps us together and driving forward no matter what gets in the way.  It’s now June, and NAASE would also like to recognize Pride month as a great example of how humanity can come together to make a difference in this world.

June is an exciting month for NAASE, as we have a Member’s Only Forum with John Care next week. 

I encourage you to sign up for an NAASE membership before then, to not miss one of the best Technical Sales advocates around.  Later this month, we will also be announcing the SE of the Year winner!  That is just the beginning, as we will have so many more great events online as well as some upcoming in-person events later this year.  If I could call out the top benefit to being a member of NAASE, it is that you will gain access to a very diverse set of industry leaders and up-and-comers, to network with as well as request advice for wherever your path is leading through technical sales.  It’s easy to join, and as a member you have direct access to the NAASE leadership as well as board members in addition to all NAASE members.

I would like to leave you all with these thoughts for today, as we truly would love to have more industry feedback on what the community would like to see from NAASE in the future.   When we think of hot tech topics, we think things like Zero Trust, CyberSecurity, Multi-hybrid Cloud, but what would be some tech topics NAASE could focus on with events or discussions where you see are trending hot topics?  What about AI in the manufacturing process? 

Finally, I would like to mention a conversation I once had with someone regarding the definition of Cloud.  They said to me “I just use this device and everything shows up.”  I then said, but that’s the same as any other device right?  They responded with “no, this device doesn’t have anything installed locally besides a web browser, as everything I need is in the Cloud.”  I continued to see if they really understood what that all means, so I asked what their definition of Cloud was.  They said “Cloud is just a data center that is owned and managed by someone else.  It can be anywhere and you only need to connect to it.”   I felt that was a pretty basic and fair definition, do you agree?  We would like to hear what other definitions of Cloud are out there resonating with industry as well as non-industry folks. 

Warm Regards,

Damian Hanna, CSE

President – NAASE

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