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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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Why Join NAASE?


Over the past few months, some individuals as well as some corporations have asked us “why should I/we join NAASE as a member?”  This is a key question, even with the inexpensive dues associated with NAASE.  Please consider the following during your decision process:

  • Doing your part in growing the ONLY cross-industry sales engineering professional association in North America.  Be proud, and promote, the SE field and career!  Include our Logo in your signature, etc.
  • Networking with other like-minded, professional technical salespeople from a wide variety of fields/ industries- across the USA, Canada, Mexico…. and more.
  • Ability to have your work/writing published on the NAASE Blog page and the NAASE LinkedIn page.  A recent LI post that we published 4 days ago now has over 1,600 views/reads- for example.   Showcase your knowledge and abilities.
  • If you are seeking employment, we are able to broadcast/post your profile and resume/qualifications to our audience and other members.
  • If you are trying to fill a position at your company, we can post said position on our LinkedIn page. (Restrictions may apply.)
  • As a member in good standing of NAASE, you are eligible (if you qualify) to receive a certificate and become a “Certified Sales Engineer”/ CSE.  This is an excellent professional designation which helps to set you apart from other SE’s in the market.
  • NAASE is an affiliate partner of Above The Standard (ATS) business consultancy group.  ATS offers many benefits regarding business development, sales automation, cost cutting, and other business tools and research.  Inquire for more details.
  • Invitations to our exclusive, interactive “Industry Insider” forums/ conference calls- with industry experts.  These regularly-scheduled ZOOM events focus on various topics essential to the technical sales pro.

If you have any further questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please reach out to us via below.  Thank you.


Ken Lambert, President

Matt Mahoney, Vice President

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