North American Association of Sales Engineers

North American Association of Sales Engineers

European Association of Sales Engineers

Checklist for Creating a Close Rate Boosting Sales Presentation

By Chris Davidson

Managing Director, Active Presence Limited

1The presentation serves one, clear objective
2The presenter has memorised an engaging opening (of approx. 90s)
3The content is summarised early on
4The main content is presented in easily digestible chunks
5Selected stories fit well with the audience’s prior knowledge
6The presentation has a clear call to action
7The presenter has memorised the call to action
8There are no bullet-point lists
(other than in handouts or presenter’s notes)
9The visual display is a continuous experience for the audience (and not obviously chopped up into separate slides with clunky transitions)
10What the presenter says is integrated with what the audience sees
11Animations are integrated with the presenter’s message
12The presenter can deliver fluently, in sync with the slides (and knows all the click-points, transitions, etc)
13Key messages are identified and repeated during the presentation
14There are multiple opportunities for the audience to ask questions (Necessary for sales presentations, inappropriate for large stage conferences)
15There is a clear place for final questions to be addressed (prior to the call to action being delivered)
16Corporate branding is kept to an absolute minimum
(Ideal: logo at the start/end, with central slides devoid of any branding)
17Images are high quality and full screen, with minimal wording
18Capability Statement
Client testimonials are included, one per slide (and large enough to be easily read by people at the back of the room)
19Slides are not numbered
20A separate handout has been prepared (if required) (Slides are not to be handed over to clients)

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