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Why Do Ideas Die or Not Get Realized?

On January 19, 2022, Alex and Anatoly Agulyansky introduced their product Priz Guru ( in a webinar to a group of engineer experts and the NAASE.

The co-founders of the innovation and design platform, who happen to be father and son, created a tool which helps organize design and creative thinking and problem-solving processes.

Each innovation and problem-solving process is handled as an individual project with its very own fingerprint in which the user is forced to consider a case over and over again.

In the overall process, the problem is put forth first. Only in a second step, ideas and solutions are sought and analyzed by various scientific tools, all collectively accessible on one platform. The platform itself can be operated either online based or installed on premise, if desired.

The core question “Why do ideas die or do not get realized?” (as happens to approximately  80% of problem-solving ideas and innovations) marks the backbone of the application.

“Problem solving as a science”.

Knowing about the variety of possible blockers, the platform offers a toolbox of best-in-class scientific design and creative thinking tools (e.g. Round Robin Ranking, 5+ Why’s, Cause and Effect Chain (CEC), etc.) and streamlines the overall documentation by collecting all steps and the evolution of each case individually.

Priz’ innovation and problem solution processes incorporate the personal workspace as well as teamwork spaces, allowing easy access to the projects at hand.

Asked for the main value, the creators highlight the enhanced process of an engineering solution or innovation- which can be presented to the manager.

Another highlight is the extraordinary safety and security of the platform, safeguarding proof of ownership and copyrights. Priz Guru grants privacy of all innovation data and thoughts which has been attested by an audit. The owners do not have access whatsoever to any data on this platform.

As co-founders seek further growth and adaption to the users’ needs, exchanging thoughts to further enhance the platform with the expert group proved helpful.

NAASE members are eligible for a discount off PRIZ GURU monthly subscription fees.  Inquire for more details.

**This article was written by NAASE Volunteer, Constanze Koch

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