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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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What is Reverse Marketing?

(the following article is courtesy of Above The Standard)
Reverse marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes people who are trying to sell and/or
market their product and/or service to you.
Best Results with Reverse Marketing?

  1. Lead with Questions.
  2. Get permission from the person (permission marketing).
    Three Things SHALL Happen (from the person who is contacting you)
    • Not be interested.
    • Hear more about you, what you offer, and your company.
    • Build a long-term client and networking relationship.
    When Someone Calls or Meets with You …
  3. Person starts talking to you.
  4. Hear what the person is offering from their business.
  5. There might be a benefit to work together with leads in your business – your local
    insurance agent, local banker, local CPA, Lender, Business Planner, Venture Capitalist,
  6. If there is not a benefit to both parties (you and them), let them know about what you
    are doing.
  7. Tell me about your business (Let them talk).
  8. Build a rapport and relationship on the phone and/or in person.
  9. Ask Questions. How is your company? How long has the company been around? How
    long have you been involved? What is your name, email, phone, and company?
  10. Find out where they are at with their commitment to their business.
    You Never KNOW Who Knows Who
    It is about listening and valuing each person, as well as letting each person know what you do.
    You want business relationships that are give and take, not just one sided.

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