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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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The People of NAASE: Who are we?

By Matt Mahoney, VP NAASE

Breakdown of the professional segments that NAASE members work in

We are the North American Association of Sales Engineers. We were founded in 2020 and started out small, but have been growing quickly and steadily in the past 2 years. Our mission here at NAASE is a simple one: we aim to foster a base of Certified Sales Engineers across North America, enable them to connect with one another, and actively promote the profession.

Who are we though?

NAASE is made up of a diverse group of members across various industries. We are account managers, we are technical sales reps, we are sales engineers. We are industry consultants, we are software engineers, we are presales professionals. We are entry level employees, managers, VPs, directors, SVPs, and C- Suite executives. We work in software, machinery, consulting, HVAC, electrical and power, robotics, construction, security, food, medical devices, and others.

NAASE is represented by members from many industries and at all levels of leadership. If you’re looking for a community of likeminded people in the sales or presales space, this is the community for you!

Members of NAASE are able to network with one another, connect with recruiters and career coaches, and provides plenty of discounts on a wide variety of professional services. We offer our members many benefits at a great value. We offer three professional certifications as well, available to any of our members who meet the qualifications. We are proud of our member base, and we aim to continue our strong growth as others in the industry recognize concrete benefits of joining NAASE.

Drop us a line, check out our website, and consider joining the North American Association of Sales Engineers!

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