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North American Association of Sales Engineers

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The Association: We Are Our Contributors

(by Matt Mahoney) Many times companies and curious people ask us who and what exactly is the North American Association of Sales Engineers?  We typically point them to our home page, which states:

“The North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE) is a group of professional and dedicated sales engineers/ technical sales representatives/ solution consultants from a wide range of industries. We help run the technical engine of the broader economy.”

While that is true, we think a better indication of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish can better be realized via a simple listing of all the great contributors that NAASE has had since our June launch, either via our Blog page or our interactive Forums.  So without further ado, we offer the following partial representation:

Peter Cohan   Great Demo! Software Demonstration Skills

Olivia Brito     Director, Business & Talent Development  

Bernie Doyle   President/ Consultant                               

Freddy Mangum        CEO                                                  

Roger McNamara      President                                          

Marc Cox   Author/ Consultant                                             

Misha Bartlett   Sales Coach & Trainer                             

Dean de Jongh       President                                                 

David Alto     Author / LinkedIn Profile Makeovers           

Ludovic Tendron   Author / Expert Negotiator                  

Aileen McNabb     Presales Coach                                        

Edson Zogbi     Innovation Management                            

Tony Matos     National Presales Director                          

Terri Franklin   Client Success Director at FeedGap          

Robert Gallagher    Manufacturing Sales Consultant        

Agim Xhelilaj     Sales Growth with AI Technology            

We have several others, but for the sake of space here- we think that is enough to make the point.

NAASE is a meeting place…. a repository of best practices…. a place for career advice and potential next job leads….a group that advocates for the need within a company for hiring and promotion of technical salespeople.

NAASE is THE professional association for technical salespeople- regardless of industry.  We focus on men and women that live and/or work within North America- but with the global marketplace and remote working some of those parameters are blurred.

If you want to learn more, or possibly to join, please check out our website and all its pages at .   Joining NAASE is simple, and quick. We look forward to welcoming you, and speaking further.  

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