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Recruiters/ Hiring Managers: Source the right candidates, with VH innovation

(By Vishal Samuel Kashyap) It’s a known fact now that Covid-19 has disrupted our lives – personal and professional – globally. Currently, no one is spared as irrespective of age, gender and job status, everyone has experienced the blows of the Pandemic.

The world of work is shifting. This change is driven primarily by technology disruption causing new trends in the workforce. It’s also altering the meaning of work in the recruiting equation. Technology is unsettling the recruitment industry like never before in history.

We believe that Recruitment must work for Candidates and Employers.  Employers are looking for Candidates- and vice versa obsolete.

VH is here with SOLUTIONS to remake the hiring process: Sourcing the Right Candidate.

VH for Employers

Successful Recruitment depends on discovering the right candidates. It starts with sourcing the right ones.

It isn’t an easy task.

Recruiters spend considerable money and time going through incomplete, outdated social media profiles and outsourcing their candidate search. They get inundated with unfit applicants for their advertised job vacancies.

“VH exists to save them time and money.”

Today, remote working culture is challenging the company culture in binding the company on a human-based company culture.

Key Hiring Needs

As business evolves, so is technology.

Recruiters need to embrace digital tools and platforms to help engage, nurture, and convert their talent pools. As recruiters aim to compete for top talent, leaning on technology to aid in sourcing will assist recruiters to create a more robust talent network and thereby work more efficiently.

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Sourcing through applications is time-consuming.

To get out of this repetitive rut of flipping through passive and redundant applications, recruiters should invest in engaging with vetted talent. The support of software capable of automating tasks, giving them time to instead focus on human-centric initiatives is the solution.

Eliminate Manual Processes and Silos

Manual processes keep the door for human error ajar.

Embracing recruitment digitalisation and end-to-end recruiting strategies ensures no room for error-prone hiring activities.  By standardising and implementing digital platforms, recruiters store and archive records enabling them to update their candidates’ database for later recruitment.

Transform Your Hiring Process

An overflow of job opportunities coupled with a lean, available talent pool equates with today’s job seeker holding all the cards. Recruiters have to create an attractive, engaging, and positive candidate experience to elevate their brand and attract the best talent.

Meet Candidates Where They Are

Most people apply for jobs online, and with dozens of career sites on the market, finding the right setting to engage with candidates is crucial. Nowadays, recruiters have to approach candidates to find the right fit. Using the right tools and resources enable finding the right candidates.

Defy the Talent Shortage

Don’t skimp on your candidate experience.

Poor candidate experience is a lead to miss out on top talents and irritate your employer brand. Your candidate experience makes a difference in whether an applicant accepts your offer. A brand-centric and resourceful candidate experience sustains the competitive edge for talent search.

Invest NOW in THE solution to build a reliable and effective candidate pipeline.

Career Engagement

To engage and convert job seekers on career sites and social platforms is tedious and time-consuming. And converting applicants from goal-oriented chats is equally taxing.

VH offers recruiters the plausibility and accessibility to decide on a shorter time-to-interview mode, thereby enhancing the candidate-recruiter experience.

Recruitment Process Automation

The recruiting pipeline can be lengthy.

At VH, automated sourcing-communication-conversion process shortens the lifecycle and creates a better streamlined experience for the candidate and recruiter respectively.  

VH ensures the instant engagement with candidate- skills match criteria, candidate’s cover video screening to shortlist best-fit applicants and automate/quicken the interview scheduling process.

The most pressing, yet unresolved challenge for the Recruiters is to find the right candidates. Our solution will help you find them right here- and right now.   Visit for more information.

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