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How to create a good name for a tech product

(by Andra Gu?ui and Marcela S?rm??an) Naming a new technological product is not an easy task. Everyday new tech products are launched, and it has become more and more difficult to create proper names which can make a difference in this crowded market.

Which are the biggest challenges in naming tech products? 

  • Choosing too descriptive names which have almost zero chance to be trademarked 
  • Deciding to keep numerical codes as product names, or using generic terms used by the entire industry
  • Choosing too “engineered” names which mean everything for the internal engineering team and nothing for the target audience

In this article we will present you some advice to be followed in the naming process in order to help you overcome these challenges: 

  1. Start with two briefs 

When you must name a tech product, two big departments will be involved in this decision: engineering and marketing/sales. The engineers feel that their point of view must be important because they know how the product was built and which are its main functionalities and features. The marketing department feels that they know the best way to position the new product on the market. In many cases, the naming brief is done just with the representatives of a single side. If the company has a small marketing department, for sure, the lead will be taken by the engineering department. If the company is huge and the investors and shareholders trust the marketing department, then the engineers will be ignored. Our advice is to start the naming project with two briefs. One for the engineering department and one for the marketing department. Both sides are important and may bring an important input to the entire project.

  • 2. Find the common points from the two briefs

Unfortunately, you may discover that between the two departments there are zero common points, because engineers and marketers have very different visions and priorities. 

Engineers usually want:

  • very descriptive names
  • generic names
  • numerical codes because many of them do not value the importance of a branded product name
  • similar names with the names used by the competition
  • invented names taken from their internal language (technical “slang”)

Marketers usually want:

  • suggestive or metaphorical names
  • names with a cool and fresh sound
  • Too fanciful names which are too strange for the engineering department

As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Both sides will bring an interesting input in the naming process. The engineers will present the best functionalities and features of the product and the marketers know everything about benefits, market positioning and sales. 

  • Hints to get inspired

After deciding the right naming directions together with the two departments, you must start to search for terms, ideas and new words in order to name your products. Here are some ideas which may inspire you: 

  • Main differences between your product and the products of your competitors. Main differences mean those differences which may be considered real strengths in your market
  • Key features or key benefits of your product. Make a list with all of them.
  • Key functionalities of the new product
  • Key aspects of the technology implemented behind the product
  • Key aspects from the process when the client uses your product
  • Other fields which can be metaphorically connected with the technology world: superheroes world, historically important characters from your industry, disruptive moments in the history related to your technology, animal world when you discover that certain aspects from the animal’s life are related to your product specifications, important natural phenomena.
  • Try avoiding too generic a term

If you want to make a difference on the market, do not start with a similar name overused in your industry. Everybody uses terms like “innovation”, “edge”, “cloud”, “tech”, “online”, “internet” etc. Try to be more original, more creative and avoid the stereotypes. If you are too similar, you will be forgotten. 

Naming a technological product is not easy, since you have to communicate tech features in a way that is easy for consumers to understand. Having your target audience in mind when launching new tech products is crucial. They have to understand at least one thing about the product by just hearing its name. 

A good name takes time to be created. Take your time to conduct this process in a professional manner and start with the briefing part, where you establish all the criteria that the new name has to meet.

Remember one important rule: you have spent years developing a tech product that may change your industry. Do not name it in two days. 

Namzya is a specialized naming agency which has named brands, products and services for more than 20 corporations. Among its clients are companies like: TATA Motors, MAN Truck & Bus, Nespresso, Lavazza, Adama, Amplifon, Franke, Arcelik (Beko brand), Verisure, Atlantic Grupa, ART Fertility Clinics. 

It was founded by Andra Gu?ui and Marcela S?rm??an, who were also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 (Romania). 

For more information, please visit: 

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