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How Sales Engineer Compensation Stacks Up to the Rest

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by Ken Lambert

Of course at the North American Association for Sales Engineers we are biased- but we think that being a sales engineer is one of the best professional career choices out there.  And we are not alone in that thinking.  See the following portion of a Glassdoor article, regarding the 7 highest paying jobs in Sales:

(Hint: #1 on their list is sales engineer.)

Sales engineer

Glassdoor salary range: $68,000-$185,000 (incl. bonuses and commissions)

This gig ranks among Glassdoor’s Top 20 Jobs with the Highest Satisfaction and pays a median annual wage of $101,420, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those operating in the telecommunications industry tend to earn the most, about $118,000 as year, followed by sales engineers in computer systems design and wholesale electronic markets.

Because these workers must have extensive knowledge of a product’s parts and functions as well as understand the scientific processes behind its operation, they typically need a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field. Though, those with extensive sales experience and some technical training, may also land a sales engineer role. “Because these pros are highly credentialed, theirs are among the sales jobs that make the most money,” according to Glassdoor.

Money is not everything in a job, or in life.  However it is still an important factor.  It has long been known that the best salespeople do make a considerable amount of money- even with something non-technical.  But on average, the SE (or technical sales rep) has a median compensation of over $101,000 – while the median “run-of-the-mill” salesperson has an average pay of $41,000 (this includes retail, etc.)

Stepping aside from “sales” and comparing a SE across other professions is interesting.  Per Glassdoor, it ranks in the Top 20 regarding highest satisfaction.  All this while typically not needing an advanced college degree.  Most of the other top paying professions do require a Masters or Doctorate level education.

And, as NAASE has noted prior, sales engineers rank #3 in the list of the least likely high-paying jobs which will be impacted by automation and/or artificial intelligence.  Moving forward, this is also extremely important.

It is not for everyone, it’s not necessarily easy, and there are some tough days for sure, but we are here to say that the sales engineer is certainly one of the best jobs available.  And now, whether you are in software, or industrial, or HVAC etc- there is a growing professional association to join and network within.

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