North American Association of Sales Engineers

North American Association of Sales Engineers

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NAASE Members Benefits

The NAASE is partnering with a presales professional and accredited business and positive psychology coach to help make sales engineering the great career it can be, driving sales and personal success .

Aileen McNabb believes sales engineering is a truly rewarding career with some unique challenges. Through 1:1 coaching she has helped SEs and others in sales engineering meet those challenges and fully enjoy, be fulfilled by and add value to the sales engineering career.

Aileen McNabb

Aileen’s initial coaching package consists of 4 one-hour virtual sessions.  Goals are set.  Action is taken.  And progress is definitely made.

An initial coaching package has a regular price of $360.00.  For NAASE members, that initial cost is reduced to $310.00.

Aileen is a career presales professional with over 20 years of success in sales engineering roles from SE through Leadership.

When she decided to help others in sales engineering, she did not make the assumption that ‘anyone can coach’.  Coaching is a skill. Aileen built that skill through coaching certification programs gaining several coaching designations:

  • Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™) designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches®.
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach designation from The Wholebeing Institute
  • Certified coach through BCA Certification Program™