North American Association of Sales Engineers

North American Association of Sales Engineers

European Association of Sales Engineers


Joining NAASE, the trade organization for sales engineering/ technical sales, is EASY and inexpensive. We welcome you to become a part of the Association and take advantage of membership benefits like:

Ability, with adequate qualifications, to become a NAASE “Certified Sales Engineer” (C) [CSE].

Networking with other SE’s in North America, via open Zoom forums or available member contact information.

Publication of your topical articles or questions for the community on our blog page.

Displaying our logo in your signature, to show that you are a member of a relevant national/regional trade group dedicated to the sales engineer.

Membership dues are just $49 for a 2-year period! To join, click the Paypal Pay Now button below, and after said transaction our team will get in touch with you. Thank you.